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The Ultimate Burger Smasher

I came across a Korean Street Food video on youtube ( I watch a lot of these, and you should too! ) and they made these burgers.

After trying it once, I was hooked for life. The video itself highlighted how they sell hundreds a day, so I knew when I was supposed to make burgers for a large family gathering, this was my only option.

Everyone went crazy over them and it was really simple!

The most important thing is the smasher. Every time I tried using a spatula it would just bend and I always had to use two hands and two spatulas and work it down to a flat patty.

This smasher can be used in a pan or any flat top skillet you have.

I’ve even used them on those cheap electric skillets from wal-mart and still got amazing results.

Here is the video,

You can use a lot of things to smash, I’ve even used another cast iron skillet before. But there was always something that made me want a dedicated perfect too.

If you love a good smash burger you owe it to yourself to grab one of these and feast!