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Learn To Make Amazing Pasta

The first time I ever made spaghetti from scratch, I swore I’d never eat boxed pasta again.

For 7 years now, I haven’t!

A small hand full of tools allows for quick execution of making pasta from scratch that I have used for years to quickly crank out deliciousness.



Roller / Cutter



Mixing Bowl

Ingredients for pasta

2 cups flour

2 eggs + 2 egg yolks

pinch of pepper

big pinch of salt

olive oil


Mix your sifted flour, pepper, and salt together.

Make a well with the mixture that will hold your eggs, yolks, and oil.

carefully beat the eggs, mixing in the oil and slowly incorporating a little bit of flower at a time.

Mix until it has combined enough that you need to work it with your hands.

Start kneeding the dough. This can take 15 or so minutes, and can be tiresome. If you have a mixer, no shame in busting that thing out. I’ve done it a few times.

once all the flour is incorporated into the ball, wrap it in plastic wrap and let it sit.

Some people say an hour, some say over night. Some say 10 minutes.

Personally, I’ve done what ever I had time for, including immediately with no rest and it was still just fine.

After it rests, set up your roller machine and set it to the widest setting.

Force feed the pasta through the roller.

After each pass of the pasta, lower the dial on the machine to the next step down.

Repeat this until you’ve reached your desired thickness. If you don’t know, take it to wehre you think it might need to go and try boiling a single strand of it and tasting it. If you go too thin, you can fold it in half and run it through the machine again at the next step up.

Now run the strips of pasta through the desired cutter. Most machines come with spaghetti and fettucinni sizes.

throw the noodles into boiling water for a few minutes.

once the noodles reach your desired doneness, immediately strain them into a big mixing bowl to keep all that pasta water.

Your noodles are now complete. Enjoy!