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Kitchen Essentials

I’ve never been blessed with a big kitchen or a big budget for my supplies.

Over the years I wasted a lot of time and money learning what I actually needed to create my dream kitchen that has minimal waste and maximum value.

If I had to start from scratch right now, these would be my first purchases to make sure I could make a wide variety of meals.


Making sure your water is good, let’s start with a simple filter that gives us plenty of fresh water to cook with.

This can be for every daily drinking water, making veggie or meat stocks, cooking rice, steaming vegetables, boiling noodles, etc…

I even use it for my dogs sometimes!

Depending on your water, filters can be used up at different rates. It is always a good idea to have back up filters to keep your water fresh month after month with out having to worry about running out of fresh water!

Mixing Bowls

These can be used for a wide variety of tasks in any kitchen.

From marinading meat, mixing ingredients, making salads, or even storing left overs.

A Cast Iron Skillet & Lid

Everything you can imagine throwing at at a cooking pan, a good cast iron skillet will handle it and deliver delicious flavor right along with it.

Veggies, Meats, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, meals for one, meals for whole family, meal prepping for a week, cookies… you name it…

catch my drift?

A Good Cutting Board

a dedicated surface for prepping all your ingredients that is both beautiful and anti-microbial.

Make sure to get one that has a grease trap on one side for anytime you need to cut juicy meats, and a flat side for all your veggies.

These will last and last for years to come and you will constantly find yourself using it.

A Nice Chef’s Knife

this one knife can pretty much do it all.

Save money and space and learn the joy of having one good knife that holds the weight of 10 other knives

Metal Spatula Set

You need to be able to manage and handle your food through out the cooking process.

These spatulas allow for flipping, smashing, scraping, flopping hot ingredients.

Digital Thermometer

Cooking any meat requires a minimum temperature before it is safe to eat.

These digital thermometers eliminate the guess work and allow you to safely cook any recipe you dare to try.

This one has a built in probe and a tethered probe that you can use in the oven while being able to read the temperature from the counter.


These tongs allow you to grab and move your food no matter how hot it is.

Reusable Bags

reducing waste is pretty important these days and making the switch to silicone bags was a no brainer.

These come in all shapes and sizes just like sandwich bags, and you simply wash them instead of throwing them away.

Adjustable and Refillable Grinders

I’ve bought too many grinders that weren’t refillable and I absolutely hated it.

So when I found these, I knew I had to get them.

They have adjustable grind sizes too so you can customize each twist to your specific liking.

Like coarse grind pepper for big juicy steaks, or a fine grind pepper for soups.

Drying Racks

One of the most important steps in cooking is the rest after the cooking is done.

These drying racks can be used for everything from baking cookies to cooking steaks, or even fried chicken, etc….

Prevents juices from piling up on the bottom of your food and possibly soaking into it and removing any desired crispiness.

Baking Sheets

a good working surface for inside of the oven.

throw all kinds of delicious food on these from french fries to cookies.

One of my biggest uses for these is pre-heating steak to 125 so that I can reverse sear them on the cast iron.

They also work as drip catch trays incase something you are cooking makes a little mess in the oven.

Measuring Cups & Spoons

A full set to help you measure out all your ingredients for all your favorite recipes.

Sizes are imprinted into the sides and wont scrape off or fade away over time.