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Food Storage Containers

between meal prepping and left overs, I’m always storing something!

I do like to keep it simple, and for the most part of my past I’ve always gone with clear glass containers and clear plastic lids.

The last handful of years though I’ve enjoyed brightening up the colors and found these wonderful ello containers.

The glass and silicon bottoms are oven safe up to around 500 degrees. Which is higher than any of my ovens ever went.

I haven’t had a leak yet and have been using them for over two years.

I didn’t even know what a trivet was until I bought a set of these.

Now i’m fancy with built in ones.

I mix the colors of the lids and bottoms and it makes it even more fun.

Originally, I discovered the ello brand water bottles and I loved everything about it. Still use it to this day.

I’m glad I did too, because I’ve bought about 4 packs of their food storage systems and love the silicone decoration and heat protection.

These containers are great for a lot of reasons, so check them out if you think they’d fit in your kitchen too!