Step Up Your Kitchen Game

  • The Ultimate Burger Smasher
    I came across a Korean Street Food video on youtube ( I watch a lot of these, and you should too! ) and they made these burgers. After trying it once, I was hooked for life. The video itself highlighted how they sell hundreds a day, so I knew when I was supposed to make burgers for a large family gathering, this was my only option. Everyone went crazy over them and it was really simple! The most important thing is the smasher. Every time I tried using a spatula it would just bend and I always had to use […]
  • Learn To Make Amazing Pasta
    The first time I ever made spaghetti from scratch, I swore I’d never eat boxed pasta again. For 7 years now, I haven’t! A small hand full of tools allows for quick execution of making pasta from scratch that I have used for years to quickly crank out deliciousness. Tools Sifter Roller / Cutter Pot Strainer Mixing Bowl Ingredients for pasta 2 cups flour 2 eggs + 2 egg yolks pinch of pepper big pinch of salt olive oil Directions: Mix your sifted flour, pepper, and salt together. Make a well with the mixture that will hold your eggs, yolks, […]
  • Want To Make Your Own Seasonings?
    You won’t regret this, and it is a lot easier than you might think at first. With garlic, jalepenos, habeneros, onions, bell peppers, and more, I’ve been able to improve the flavors of my dishes with a little bit of extra effort and a couple extra pieces of gear. If you’ve already got a knife and cutting board, then you’ve already got half the equipment. Once you slice up your soon-to-be seasoning, you’re going to need a dehydrator to remove all the moisture and get it ready for grinding. I started off with a old school dehydrator but upgraded to […]
  • Food Storage Containers
    between meal prepping and left overs, I’m always storing something! I do like to keep it simple, and for the most part of my past I’ve always gone with clear glass containers and clear plastic lids. The last handful of years though I’ve enjoyed brightening up the colors and found these wonderful ello containers. The glass and silicon bottoms are oven safe up to around 500 degrees. Which is higher than any of my ovens ever went. I haven’t had a leak yet and have been using them for over two years. I didn’t even know what a trivet was […]
  • Kitchen Essentials
    I’ve never been blessed with a big kitchen or a big budget for my supplies. Over the years I wasted a lot of time and money learning what I actually needed to create my dream kitchen that has minimal waste and maximum value. If I had to start from scratch right now, these would be my first purchases to make sure I could make a wide variety of meals. Water Making sure your water is good, let’s start with a simple filter that gives us plenty of fresh water to cook with. This can be for every daily drinking water, […]

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